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The medicine of the future!

When my wife Nikki and I discussed developing a website and the possibility of starting a blog, I got excited.  It took me back to the days of the Seesholtz Chiropractic newsletter and those fun tid bits we would report each month.  One of my favorite parts was the section “Nutrition Corner” where I would dispense information on food, vitamins, and herbs.  For this reason I decided that my first contribution to the blog should be an excerpt from my favorite installment of Nutrition Corner.  I hope you enjoy!

What is…?

  • The herb Hippocrates called the most important medicine and the “medicine of the future”.
  • Grown extensively in California and to you wine connoisseur’s no it’s not the grape.
  • A herb that is related to chives and onions and one that many of us use in cooking.

I can hear the monstrous applause now!

The popularity of garlic has blossomed in recent years.  The production itself increased from the late 1990’s to early 2000’s 12,000 fold; and this is all due to good reason.  Garlic his been shown to help atherosclerosis, Chronic Heart Failure, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and chronic yeast infections.  Although garlic has shown a recent explosion in popularity people have known “it’s good for what ails ya” since 400 B.C.  This is echoed by the fact that the father of medicine and the coiner of an extremely recognizable oath, Hippocrates loved garlic.  Let’s stop and ponder this for a moment the FATHER OF MEDICINE says the garlic was the most important medicine and the medicine of the future.  Man I bet he is rolling over in his grave over the state of things in the pharmaceutical industry.  But we don’t have enough time to talk about that today.

I could talk to you all day about all the biochemistry of why garlic works but I won’t bore you with these details now (ask me at your next appt!).  Instead, I will focus on how to prepare garlic so you can get the most out of this “medicine of the future.”  First of all, it is best to use fresh sliced or whole garlic.  This is due to the fact that the active ingredient in garlic, Allicin, is released as you chew the garlic cloves; and therefore, chopped garlic loses its strength.  Another interesting point is that the elephant garlic (the extremely large cloves you may see at the grocery store) is actually less potent than regular garlic.  So if you want to get the most out of your garlic, buy the small cloves and slice them just prior to eating them.

A few more fun side notes on garlic.  There were 250 studies performed in 1998 alone on garlic’s benefits to the circulatory system (all the studies were medically or scientifically based as well).  Garlic works to lower cholesterol by decreasing platelet stickiness; therefore, dangerous plaques form less readily in your arteries.  It also has shown to have antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties.  It also works as a weak antibacterial not necessarily getting rid of bacterial infections but does aid to prevent them.  It has also been shown to decrease the risk of stomach, esophageal, and colon cancers.

A normal dose of garlic is one clove chewed per day.  But therein lays the problem for some of us.  Garlic does have side effects that most of you are aware- bad breath and/or mild indigestion.  For those of you that have this sensitivity to garlic a 400-500 mg tablet each day will do the trick.  However, the natural source is always better.  If you are the sort that is sitting there thinking, “I would love to eat a clove each day but I can’t just sit down and chew garlic”, here are a few ideas on how to prepare it.  Chop a few cloves up, and add it to your pasta sauce.  Combine it with extra virgin olive oil and thyme and add on top of any dish.  My personal favorite is to sauté garlic, basil, and extra virgin olive oil with any vegetable.  First, start by getting you pan warmed up. Then add the extra virgin olive oil, then the veggies, let it cook for a minute at which time you add the garlic and basil.  Mix it all up and let cook for another 15 seconds or so and perfecto. (Note please defrost or steam your veggies first!)

Note for those of you that are currently taking blood pressure meds or coumadin (or other blood thinners) please seek the advice of a medical professional prior to starting a garlic regiment.  As garlic’s effectiveness has shown to greatly improve hypertension and thinning the blood.

Blog you again!

Dr. Lance Seesholtz


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  1. Awesome website. Bookmarked it and shown my friends!

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